Our ninepins alleys

Sports and fun in good company

Combine your stay at our house with a ninepins event in good company. Our two ninepins alleys ensure great fun - equipped with modern LED technology and touchscreen handling. The alleys can be rented daily until 10 p.m. and offer space for up to 20 persons. We would be glad to invite you to our cosy "Kegelklause".

Price: 18.00 € per hour

Of course, also foreign guests can book the ninepins alleys. Please reserve your favourite date at +49 6471 / 50900.

The "Kegelklause"

During and after your ninepins match, we offer drinks in the rustic "Kegelklause" room. So you can let the evening come to a comfortable end. If desired, we also prepare small meals for the little hunger.